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Are you tired of your world? Do you want Adventure? Money? Food? Woman? Join the Dungeon Life, where you make money hunting monsters, obtaining rare drop items, and earning treasures. Form a party of various classes to help you work your way down each dungeon and eventually defeat the dungeon boss. Each dungeon you conquer earns you wealth, fame, and dungeon points. Let the adventure begin.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The fat, lazy, and passive Deek begins playing a game he didn't remember buying called My Dungeon Life. After creating his character as a support class, he finds himself in another world where Dungeons are a curse on the land. With the help of his slaves, he puts his life on the line to complete dungeons and learn their stories. The rewards are vast, but so are the risks. With each dungeon, his support grows. Just how far will Deek go living the dungeon life?

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